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Put your valuable time in our trustworthy hands: The team behind ALOHA Florida

Vacation time is one of the most important times of the year – An escape from the daily routine, to replenish and recharge and to enjoy time with family and friends. Sunbath, walk barefoot on the beach, sample the luxury of your surroundings and enjoy the ocean.

We are aware of our responsibility to make sure your vacation is going to be the most wonderful time of the year. A keen sense of our guest’s expectations and experience to select and rent exceptional homes is what we offer.

Caprice Krumsick

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„Renting exclusive vacation homes brings my work as realtor and new home sales consultant to a completion. Now I can offer the qualified full circle of support that I present throughout my work.”

My ultimate goal is to make every one of our guests feel at home no matter where they are. To achieve this, we provide exclusive accommodations and ensure we are readily available to cater to the needs of our vacationers.

I was born and raised in Hamburg, Germany, where I pursued a degree in architecture. Later, I ventured into furniture design and offered complete interior design solutions for homes. Following a successful career and the establishment of my own mail-order company and shop in Hamburg, I decided to turn my passion for real estate into my profession.

During my extensive travels, I had the opportunity to immerse myself in various cultures. Living and working in different parts of the United States deepened my love for the USA, particularly Southern Florida. Since 2009, Southwest Florida has been my permanent home, and I've been thriving as a licensed realtor and new home expert. I maintain a presence in both Southwest Florida and Hamburg, Germany, where I meet and assist clients from both countries.

For many years, we have been guiding and advising our national and international clients in their endeavors to purchase, sell, and build their homes. Our recent expansion into vacation rental and property management has allowed us to foster closer relationships with our guests and clients, assisting them in fulfilling their wish lists. I possess an innate understanding of what guests expect in a vacation home, and my keen eye for interior design enables me to source the most remarkable vacation homes for every budget. My unwavering passion for life's beauty creates a profound connection with our clients.

To feel at home wherever you are: That’s the feeling I want to achieve for every one of our guests by providing exclusive accommodations and being on site and available for our vacationers.

Born and raised in Hamburg, Germany I studied architecture, later designed furniture and provided interior design with complete home solutions. After a successful carrier and my own mail order company and shop in Hamburg. I turned my real estate passion into my profession. During my many travels I connected with different cultures. My occupational residences in different parts of the United States made me develop my love for the USA and especially Southern Florida. Since 2009 Southwest Florida was my permanent home and I am successfully working as licensed realtor and new home expert. I also have a location in Hamburg Germany and am spending time and meeting clients in both countries. We guide and advise our national and international clients since many years with purchasing, selling and building their home. With the addition of vacation rental and property management we are able to fully communicate with guests and clients and help them fulfilling their wish list. I know what they expect in a vacation home. My sense for interior design helps me locate the most amazing vacation homes for every budget. My passion for everything beautiful in life provides a deep connection to our clients.


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„Vacation is the best time of the year. So there is nothing better than working with Renters and Home Owners in this context.”

Born and raised in Munich, Germany, where I spent my first 40 years living close to beautiful lakes and mountains.

My original profession is in Finance and Financial Markets where I worked in several positions at a Bank and at a Large Multinational Corporate. Despite my master’s in business administration, my thirst for knowledge has brought me to various, very different positions e.g., in International Business, Commodities, IT and Real Estate. I am a strategical thinker, very dedicated to performance and I love to communicate. Throughout the years I have always been eager to lead my teams with purpose, dedicated being an enabler for them to grow individually.

In 2016 my husband and I stayed for the first time in a vacation home in Cape Coral. From then on, the idea was born to build a vacation home ourselves.

In 2022 we realized this dream, but not only as a vacation home, we moved to Cape Coral permanently as a family of 5.

I know how important a vacation is, to recharge the batteries. Finding the right vacation home for you, for enjoying the way of life here in SWFL is a Breeze for me. I can put myself in the position of the vacationer, but at the same time in the position of the Homeowner, all the aspects I have discovered for myself too.

In case the Florida dream is not only a vacation for you, and you are thinking about buying a house here, we are happy to help too. Caprice and I, we team up in Aloha Vacation Rentals, but also in Real Estate, always for the best results for our customers - for each Vacationer, Homeowner and Real Estate client - with experience, passion, hands on mentality and the individual touch!